Rica Chocolate Waxing

Rica chocolate flavored wax helps in removing suntan and shortest hair. Chocolate wax is flavored and has nice fragrance. For anyone who would love chocolates, then this might be the right choice of waxing for you. Moreover, rica waxing is less painful compared to the ordinary waxing but highly effective. Rica waxing is best for sensitive skin as it is natural without any chemicals.


  • Removes hair effortlessly
  • Less painful compared to regular
  • Prevents ingrowth
  • Removes suntan
  • Removes even shortest hair

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Service Price
Full Arms Waxing 499/-
Full Legs Waxing 399/-
Back Waxing 399/-
Under Arms Waxing 150/-
Stomach Waxing 199/-
Full Body Waxing 1599/-
Bikini Line 199/-
Bikini Wax 999/-